Published On: 04/16/2024
Five Ways to Recognize Global Energy Independence Day this July!

Global Energy Independence Day is on July 10 this year; how are you implementing global energy awareness in your company this month? According to, “We observe Global Energy Independence Day on July 10 yearly. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of alternative fuels.” Keep reading for five ideas on recognizing Global Energy Independence Day in your company this July!

Five Ways to Recognize Global Energy Independence Day this July:

Host a Workshop or Seminar:
Organize an employee educational session focusing on energy independence and sustainable energy use. Hosting a workshop or seminar could involve guest speakers from local universities, environmental organizations, or industry leaders who can discuss energy-efficient practices, renewable energy sources, and how individuals can contribute to energy independence.

Promote Energy-Efficient Practices:
Use Global Energy Independence Day to kick off a campaign encouraging energy-saving behaviors in the workplace. Promoting energy practices can include turning off lights and electronics when not in use, optimizing heating and cooling systems, and encouraging public transportation or carpooling to reduce carbon footprints.

Conduct an Energy Audit:
Offer an opportunity for a professional energy audit of your workplace. Use this audit to identify potential energy-saving opportunities and set actionable goals to improve energy efficiency. Share the results with the team and discuss how these changes can be implemented effectively.

Sponsor a Local Clean Energy Project:
As a business, consider sponsoring or participating in a local renewable energy project, such as a community solar garden or a wind energy initiative. Sponsoring a local project supports local energy independence and positions your business as a community leader in sustainable practices.

Implement a Green Challenge:
Challenge your employees to a “green competition,” where departments compete to reduce their energy use the most. Measure the results based on energy bills or a monitoring tool. Recognize and reward the winning team with incentives that promote further sustainable actions, such as transit passes, reusable water bottles, or energy-efficient gadgets.

Celebrating this day can foster a culture of sustainability within your organization and show a commitment to promoting energy independence.

If you want to learn more about Global Energy Independence Day’s history, click here. If you want to share how your business or team is getting involved, contact and we’ll feature you in our newsletter!

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