Published On: 01/22/2024
What are you finally getting accomplished on “Just Do It Day”?

“Just Do It” Day is on January 24th, 2024. According to, “It is a day that inspires us to do new things or to finally just do that one thing that we’ve been procrastinating for a while. It inspires us to start changing things in life by doing the one tiny thing we keep leaving undone.” What are you finally getting accomplished on “Just Do It” Day? We want to know!

Here are our top 10 “Just Do It” suggestions to get the most out of your CuyEast Membership!

  1. Join the CuyEast Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Become a CuyEast 2024 Sponsor/Investor.
  3. Volunteer with the CuyEast Chamber at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.
  4. Attend our upcoming networking events.
  5. Join a Whirlyball tournament team by contacting
  6. Try out our Digital Media Studio.
  7. Participate in a CuyEast learning series.
  8. Join the Business Leadership Council.
  9. Start your Corporate Wellness Program with OMNI-ACTIVE Fitness.
  10. Be the next spotlight guest on our CuyEast Live video series, featured newsletter article, or at a live networking event.

Fun fact: Did you know “Just Do It” is the slogan of the shoe company Nike, and it is one of the most recognizable components of Nike’s brand?

To learn more about the history of “Just Do It” Day, click here. If you want to share what you accomplished for “Just Do It” Day, contact, and we’ll feature you in our following newsletter!

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