Published On: 05/20/2024
Longer Hours, Less Movement: Why This Matters For Your Health

Submitted by Nithanial Decker, Omni-Active Corporate Wellness

Over the past few decades, America has seen a significant drop in Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT), mainly due to advances in technology and changes in lifestyle. Although Americans still work long hours, there’s been a notable decrease in everyday physical activities. This shift is impacting our health and making it harder to manage weight.

Understanding NEAT and Its Effects

NEAT involves all the small movements you do that burn calories but aren’t considered planned exercise, like walking to the printer, taking the stairs, or even fidgeting. In the past, these little activities added up, helping to burn a significant number of calories throughout the day. However, with more people now working desk jobs or from home, and with increased automation, these chances to move naturally during the day have decreased significantly.

The consequence of this change is substantial. As people become less active in their daily routines, they must rely more on structured exercise to stay healthy. This can be a challenge because our daily lives don’t always allow enough physical activity, turning exercise from a health enhancer into a necessity.

The Challenge of Increasing Exercise

With less NEAT, people find it harder to manage their weight. Where a simple walk around the office used to help, now people need to find extra time in their busy schedules to exercise just to burn the calories they used to burn naturally. This is especially tough for those who already have packed schedules.

Nutrition’s Growing Importance

As everyday physical activity decreases, eating right becomes even more crucial. To lose fat, you must burn more calories than you consume. But with fewer calories being burned on a regular basis due to the drop in NEAT, there’s less room for error. Every calorie we consume now counts more than ever, making effective dietary management essential for weight loss.

How Our App Helps
To tackle these challenges, technology has become a key player. Our app at Omni-Active™ Fitness is designed to help reverse the decline in NEAT by promoting an active lifestyle through innovative features and engaging user interaction.

Motivating Features
Omni-Active™ Fitness includes several features that encourage users to stay active and manage their diet effectively:

  • Daily Workouts and Step Goals: The app sets daily targets for exercise and steps, motivating users to move more throughout the day and allowing them to earn points for doing so.
  • Nutrition Guidance: Users receive personalized advice on their macros by using our macro calculator. From there, their designated trainers help them maintain the right calorie balance.
  • Progress Tracking and Messaging: The ability to visually track progress and message a trainer directly helps keep users accountable and supported.

Gamifying Wellness
One of the most engaging aspects of the Omni-Active™ Fitness App is how it makes wellness fun. By using game-like features such as point systems, trivia questions, leaderboards, and monthly giveaways, the app not only rewards but also makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle enjoyable. These features motivate users consistently, fostering long-term commitment to health.

  • Trivia and Points: Users can learn and earn points through daily trivia, enhancing engagement and making learning fun. Points are also earned with daily workout and step goals.
  • Leaderboards and Giveaways: Competitive leaderboards and exciting monthly giveaways provide extra motivation for users to stick to their fitness and activity goals.
  • Real Trainers, Not Just Algorithms

A key feature of Omni-Active™ Fitness is its personal touch. Unlike many platforms that use algorithms, our app connects users with real personal trainers. This ensures that the guidance provided is personalized, compassionate, and tailored to individual needs.

As we deal with the decline in NEAT, the importance of structured exercise and precise nutritional management is clearer than ever. Omni-Active™ Fitness meets these needs by merging technology with personal interaction, making it easier for individuals to adopt healthy habits. By turning the process into a game and involving real trainers, the app not only keeps users on track with their health goals but also makes the journey enjoyable and highly engaging. In a time when keeping a healthy lifestyle seems tough, we’re here to help everyone reach their goals efficiently and effectively.

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