Published On: 03/28/2024
Four Ways to Celebrate Mirco Small and Medium-Sized Entreprises Day!

Mirco Small and Medium-Sized Entreprises Day is June 27, 2024; this business-related holiday is an excellent opportunity to celebrate businesses run by 250 employees or lower. According to, “Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises account for more than 90% of all businesses and around 70% of jobs worldwide. 50% of the world’s gross domestic product comes from micro, small, and medium-sized Enterprises. They are a huge asset to our economy. The aim is to raise public awareness of their contribution to sustainable development and the global economy. It also has the goal of strengthening the SMEs so that they are viable in times of crisis.” Keep reading to get ideas on how you can celebrate Mirco Small and Medium-Sized Entreprises Day this year!

Four Ways to Celebrate Mirco Small and Medium-Sized Entreprises Day:

Host an Open House or Networking Event:
Organize an open house at your business or a networking event for local MSMEs. Hosting an Open House or Networking Event can be a platform for companies to showcase their products or services, share knowledge, and foster collaborations. It’s also an excellent opportunity for community members to learn about the diverse local businesses nearby.

Launch Special Promotions or Discounts:
Acknowledge MSME Day by offering special promotions or discounts to your customers. Launching special promotions or discounts celebrates the occasion and encourages the community to support local businesses. Tailor the promotions to highlight your business’s unique offerings and thank customers for their ongoing support.

Engage in Community Service or Sponsorship:
Demonstrate your commitment to the community by organizing or sponsoring a community service project. Engaging in community service or sponsorships could be a cleanup day, supporting a local charity, or offering free workshops related to your business expertise. It’s a way of giving back to the community that supports your business.

Social Media Campaigns and Storytelling:
Utilize social media platforms to launch a campaign highlighting the significance of MSME Day. Share stories of your business journey, your challenges, and the milestones achieved. Encourage other local businesses to do the same. Social media campaigns and storytelling can create a ripple effect, increasing awareness about the vital role of MSMEs in the economy and building a supportive online community.

Implementing these activities commemorates MSME Day and strengthens the bond between your business, other local enterprises, and the broader community.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Mirco Small and Medium-Sized Entreprises Day, click here. If you want to share how your business or team is getting involved, contact and we’ll feature you in our following newsletter!

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