Published On: 04/22/2024
Five Ways to Recognize National Online Learning Day in Your Company this September

National Online Learning Day is September 15th this year. This appreciation day is an excellent opportunity to implement online learning in your company. According to, “The internet has revolutionized the learning process, and students are thriving in the flexible environment that it offers them. This is a day for raising awareness of all of the resources and courses that are available online and to get people, young or old, investing time in their own education.” Keep reading to get five ideas on how to recognize National Online Learning Day this September!

Five Ways to Recognize National Online Learning Day in Your Company this September:

Host a Learning Fair:
Organize an internal event where employees can share and demonstrate their favorite online courses and resources. Hosting a fair can include live demonstrations, presentations, or a fair-like setup where employees set up booths themed around different learning platforms or skills they’ve developed online.

Provide Learning Subscriptions:
Offer to pay for or subsidize subscriptions to online learning platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, or Udemy for your employees. Announcing this on National Online Learning Day underscores your commitment to their professional development.

Arrange a Workshop or Webinar:
Schedule a workshop or webinar focusing on the importance of online learning and effectively utilizing online resources for personal and professional growth. Consider inviting a speaker who is an expert in online education to add value to the session.

Implement a “Learning Hour”:
Dedicate an hour or a specific part of the day for employees to engage in online learning. Please encourage them to explore courses or materials that interest them, which do not necessarily have to be directly related to their current job functions.

Share Success Stories:
Highlight and share stories of employees who have successfully improved their skills or achieved certifications through online courses. Success stories are done through internal newsletters, meetings, or company social media channels to inspire others to engage in continuous learning.

Implementing any of these ideas can help create a culture of continuous improvement and learning within your organization, leveraging the occasion of National Online Learning Day effectively.

Click here to learn more about National Online Learning Day’s history. If you want to share how your business or team is getting involved, contact and we’ll feature you in our newsletter!

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