Published On: 04/24/2024
How Are You Celebrating National Small Business Week?

National Small Business Week is from April 28th – May 4th; this is an excellent opportunity to support the local businesses around you. According to, “The aim of this week is to honor the entrepreneurs of our country, who have played their part in bringing new ideas to life and growing our economy. Different events are hosted in different places, and top entrepreneurs from every state are given awards for their performances.” Keep reading for five ways to celebrate National Small Business Week this year!

Five ways to celebrate National Small Business Week:

Host a Customer Appreciation Event:
Organize an event in your store or a public space to show appreciation for your customers. Offer special discounts, giveaways, or small tokens of appreciation. This will not only reward your current customers but also attract new ones.

Support Other Small Businesses:
This week is an opportunity to collaborate with other local small businesses. You could support them by co-hosting events, cross-promotion, or even just committing to shop at and promote them in your community.

Engage with Your Community on Social Media:
Share your small business story and celebrate your employees and customers online. Use the National Small Business Week hashtag to join the national conversation. Highlighting your business’s contributions, achievements, and community involvement can enhance visibility and engagement.

Offer Workshops or Seminars:
Provide free or low-cost workshops related to your business or industry. Offering workshops or seminars is a service to the community and positions your business as a knowledgeable leader in your field. Topics could range from financial literacy for small business owners to DIY tips related to your products or services.

Advocate for Small Business Support:
Use this week to engage with local officials or community leaders about supporting small businesses. You could organize a meeting, participate in a panel discussion, or send communications highlighting the role of small businesses in the economy and advocating for policies that support small business growth and sustainability.

Each activity celebrates National Small Business Week and strengthens the bonds between your business, customers, and community.

If you want to learn more about National Small Business Week’s history, click here. If you want to share how your business or team is getting involved, contact and we’ll feature you in our newsletter!

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