Published On: 04/25/2024
Five Ways to Prepare Your Company for 2025!

National Write a Business Plan Month is in December this year! What plans does your Company have for the 2025 year? According to, “More than 500 million business owners exist all over the world with the probability that each business has at least two or three competitors, so participating in National Write a Business Plan Month just before the start of a new year can put you in a league above your competitors, help you acquire funding, and give your business a better chance of succeeding.” Keep reading to get five ideas on celebrating National Write a Business Plan Month in your Company!

Five Ways to Prepare Your Company for 2025:

Host a Workshop or Seminar:
Organize a workshop or seminar focused on business planning essentials. Workshops could be an in-house event led by a knowledgeable team member or an external expert. The session can cover market analysis, financial forecasting, and strategic goal setting, providing valuable insights to seasoned and budding entrepreneurs within your organization.

Team Brainstorming Sessions:
Arrange brainstorming sessions with different departments to gather diverse ideas on improving and expanding business strategies. These sessions can help update the current business plan or draft a new one by incorporating fresh, innovative perspectives from various team members.

Business Plan Review Day:
Dedicate a day for reviewing and updating existing business plans. A review day can involve assessing the progress toward previous goals, identifying what has been effective, and adjusting the plan to meet current market demands and internal capabilities.

Business Plan Competition:
Host a business plan contest among employees to encourage friendly competition. Participants can propose enhancements to the current business model or pitch new venture ideas that align with the Company’s mission and resources. Offer incentives like prizes or recognition to stimulate participation and creativity.

Educational Resources and Tools:
Provide your team with educational resources and tools to aid business planning. These might include software tools, templates, or access to online courses and webinars. Making these resources available can empower employees to take a more active role in business planning and enhance their professional skills.

These activities foster a proactive business planning culture and engage your team in strategic thinking and collaboration, which are crucial for organizational growth and adaptation.

Click here to learn more about National Write a Business Plan Month’s history. If you want to share how your business or team is getting involved, contact and we’ll feature you in our newsletter!

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