Published On: 01/02/2024
Mayor Benjamin Holbert Plans to Bring a National Conference to The Village of Woodmere!
Pictured is Mayor Holbert during production at The Cuyahoga East Media Center.

Pictured is Mayor Holbert during the production of the campaign video filmed at The Cuyahoga East Chamber of Commerce Media Center.

The Village of Woodmere’s Mayor Holbert is vying for the 2025 Mayor Innovation Project National Conference. According to, The Mayors Innovation Project is a national learning network for mayors committed to shared prosperity, environmental sustainability, and efficient democratic government.

When asked what was exciting about the potential hosting of the 2025 Mayor Innovation Project National Conference, Mayor Holbert said,

“As Mayor of Woodmere, my commitment has always been to elevate our community and compete at the highest level. Our aspiration to host the 2025 Mayor’s Innovation Project stems from the belief that Woodmere and our neighboring municipalities possess the subject matter experts and facilities necessary to provide mayors from across the nation with an unparalleled experience.”

“Having participated in the Mayors Innovation Project conferences in Tacoma, Washington, and Scranton, Pennsylvania, I communicated to the Executive Director my strong belief that Woodmere Village would excel as a host community.”

“In close proximity to Woodmere, we boast hotels, conference centers, attractions, and amenities, along with subject matter experts who I am confident will deliver an extraordinary experience for mayors nationwide.”

“The abundance of exceptional subject matter experts in Greater Cleveland positions Woodmere as an ideal host committee for the August 2025 Summer Conference of the Mayors Innovation Project.”

“I eagerly anticipate presenting Woodmere Village’s case at the Winter Meeting on January 18 at the Mayors Innovation Project in Washington DC.”

“The Mayors Innovation Project, dedicated to fostering peer-learning opportunities for mayors and their advisors, aligns seamlessly with our goals. We advocate for Woodmere to host the 2025 national conference because we firmly believe that northeast Ohio houses top-notch subject matter experts, and our region offers a wide array of policy and program-related content.”

” Our collective goal is to captivate and entice the esteemed members of the steering committee, offering them a firsthand experience of the vibrant communities we proudly represent – Woodmere, Warrensville Heights, and Orange Village.” The Cuyahoga East Chamber of Commerce wishes Mayor Holbert and The Village of Woodmere the best as they continue their economic growth journey for The Village of Woodmere. And look forward to the economic impact this conference will have on the region.”

The Cuyahoga East Chamber of Commerce wishes Mayor Holbert the best of luck!

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