Published On: 04/22/2024
Four Ways to Celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work this September!

International Week of Happiness at Work is from September 20 – 25 this year. How are you spreading happiness in your company? According to, ” No doubt that happiness is the key to success in life. Emotions are part of the human mind and what we experience daily, and they influence our behavior as much as they affect other people. Research has shown that positive emotions promote creativity, well-being, bonding, and physical health.” Keep reading to get four ideas on celebrating International Week of Happiness at Work in your company this year!

Four Ways to Celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work this September:

Recognition and Appreciation Events:
Host a special event to recognize your team’s hard work and achievements. An appreciation event could be a simple ceremony where employees are awarded for their dedication, innovation, or teamwork. Personalized thank-you notes or small tokens of appreciation can also significantly impact.

Professional Development Workshops:
Offer workshops or seminars that contribute to your employees’ professional growth. Workshops show your investment in their future and can increase job satisfaction. Topics could include stress management, work-life balance, or skill-building sessions relevant to their roles.

Team-Building Activities:
Organize team-building exercises that are not only fun but also encourage collaboration and stronger relationships among coworkers. Activities range from outdoor group sports to problem-solving challenges or creative workshops like cooking or art classes.

Enhance the Work Environment:
For this particular week, make the workplace more enjoyable and relaxing. Consider enhancements like decorating the office, adding comfortable seating areas, or setting up relaxation zones with activities like yoga or meditation. Even small changes, like providing healthy snacks or playing background music, can lift everyone’s spirits.

These activities celebrate the week and can lead to long-term employee happiness and workplace culture benefits.

Click here to learn more about International Week of Happiness at Work’s history. If you want to share how your business or team is getting involved, contact and we’ll feature you in our newsletter!

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