Published On: 08/14/2023
“Mastering SEO: The Unsung Hero of Small Business Growth” – I’m Experimenting with AI series

Welcome back to my series – “I’m Experimenting with AI – Give Me 25 Overlooked Ways to Grow Your Small Business.”  If you missed my original post, where I talked about my experiment, Chat GPT, and prompts, you’ll find it here. You can sign up for a Chat GPT  here.

This week, I asked Chat GPT to write a blog post expanding on #2 Master SEO from the list it gave us. To add more value to our blog post, I thought a list of actionable items would be useful. I used the prompt, “Let’s try it with # 2 using approximately 600 words and conclude with a list of action items.” Below, unedited, is what Chat GPT wrote.

While I’ll look for our readers to provide accurate feedback, I checked for plagiarism using Grammarly.

2. Mastering SEO: The Unsung Hero of Small Business Growth

In the digital era, the importance of a robust online presence can’t be overstated for businesses of any size. Yet, many small businesses are yet to harness the full potential of one key online strategy: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A powerful tool for increasing your online visibility, SEO often falls by the wayside in the list of small business growth strategies. This post delves into the crucial role of SEO and offers some insightful steps to mastering it for your small business.

1. Understanding SEO

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to increase its visibility in the organic search results of search engines, primarily Google. When your website ranks high in search results, it attracts more traffic, leading to a higher potential for conversions. The beauty of SEO is that it targets people actively looking for your products or services, making it a highly effective marketing tool.

2. The Power of Keywords

Keywords are the backbone of SEO. They are phrases and terms users type into search engines. By incorporating relevant keywords into your website content, you improve your chances of appearing in the search results for those terms. However, keyword optimization isn’t about stuffing your content with keywords; it’s about strategically placing them where they make the most sense and add value to the user.

3. Local SEO: Boosting Local Visibility

For small businesses, local SEO is a game-changer. It’s about optimizing your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches. This includes managing your Google My Business listing, garnering positive customer reviews, and ensuring your name, address, and phone number (NAP) consistency across all online platforms. Local SEO helps your business appear in local search results, increasing its visibility among the community you serve.

4. The Long Game: Consistency and Quality Content

SEO isn’t a one-time effort; it requires consistency and patience. Regularly updating your website with quality content is key. Additionally, search engines favor websites offering valuable content that addresses user queries effectively. Consider maintaining a blog relevant to your business, offering insightful articles that your potential customers would find useful. Over time, this consistent effort can significantly improve your SEO ranking.


Mastering SEO might seem like a daunting task, especially for small businesses juggling various growth strategies. However, its potential benefits in boosting online visibility and attracting organic traffic are too significant to ignore. Embracing SEO doesn’t require you to become an overnight expert but rather, taking small consistent steps towards optimizing your online presence.

Action Items:

Learn the Basics of SEO: Understand the fundamental principles of SEO and how it works. Several free resources online can guide you.

Conduct Keyword Research: Identify the keywords relevant to your business that users might search for and incorporate them strategically in your website content.

Optimize Your Local SEO: Ensure your Google My Business listing is accurate, and maintain NAP consistency across all online platforms. Encourage your customers to leave positive reviews.

Produce Quality Content Regularly: Start a blog relevant to your business, and regularly update it with quality, keyword-optimized content that provides value to the reader.

Thank you for taking the time to join me in my experiment. I look forward to continuing in this series. Using the form below, give me your feedback on my experiment using Chat GPT and suggestions on writing better prompts. You can also reach me at

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