Published On: 02/26/2024
Five Ways to Get Involved in National Ethics Awareness Month!

March is recognized as National Ethics Awareness Month for many companies! Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or employee, this is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your company values. According to, “This is a time for all individuals and organizations to reflect on the ethics they adhere to and how they can improve upon them.” Keep reading to get ideas on how to be involved in National Ethics Awareness Month!

Here are five ways you can get involved in National Ethics Awareness Month as a business owner, manager, or employee:

Host Ethics Workshops or Training Sessions:
Organize workshops or training sessions focused on ethics in the workplace. These sessions can cover topics such as ethical decision-making, understanding and avoiding conflicts of interest, and how to report unethical behavior. Inviting an expert or ethics professor to speak at these events can add value and credibility.

Launch an Awareness Campaign:
Use this month to launch a campaign highlighting the importance of ethics in your business and launching awareness through newsletters, emails, social media, or posters around the office. Share real-world examples of ethical dilemmas and how they were successfully navigated.

Volunteer for Community Service:
Encourage your team to participate in community service activities that align with ethical values and the company’s corporate social responsibility goals. Volunteering can help the community and foster teamwork and a sense of moral responsibility among employees.

Review and Update Company Policies:
Use this month to review your company’s ethics policy and code of conduct. Make sure they are up-to-date and reflect the current ethical standards and practices. Reviewing and updating company policies is also an excellent time to reinforce the importance of these policies through internal communications.

Create an Ethics Award:
Establish an ethics award within your organization to recognize employees with exemplary ethical behavior. Creating Ethics Awards can motivate others to act ethically and reinforce that your company values and rewards ethical behavior.

So, what ethical practices are you implementing in your company in 2024? Engaging in these activities as a business owner, manager, or employee can help build a more vital, ethical company environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of National Ethics Awareness Month, click here. If you want to share how your business or team is getting involved, contact, and we’ll feature you in our following newsletter!

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