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Is Owning a Business a Blessing or a Curse? Lora DiFranco, Free Period Press


Join podcast host Wayne Lawrence in a fun and enlightening conversation with Lora DiFranco, owner of Free Period Press, a creative publishing company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Free Period Press creates bright and playful products to help others stay centered in a hyper-connected world. Learn how she started her business ten years ago as a part-time passion project, her Kickstarter campaigns, and why she believes “it takes a village” to grow a business, crediting a team of artists, graphic designers, friends, and business coaches. Plus, Lora shares samples of her amazing product booklets highlighting unique attractions in Cleveland and more!

🎙️ About this Podcast Series

If you run a small business or ever thought about opening a business, this podcast is for you! In this series, host Wayne Lawrence, Chairman of the CuyEast Board and owner of Weiss Movers, talks with local small business owners who open up about the most rewarding part of owning their business and the most significant challenges they’ve faced. He dives into the question of “Is owning your own business a blessing or a curse?” uncovering the inspiring tales of perseverance, innovation, and resilience that have shaped our local business landscape. His guests will share their insights, strategies for success, and valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Whether you are a seasoned business owner or contemplating taking that leap, these episodes will offer you invaluable wisdom and inspiration.

🎬 The Cuyahoga East Chamber of Commerce brings this podcast to you as a part of their Small Business Series. To view all episodes in this series and more, click here.

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Special thanks to Wayne Lawrence, Chairman of the CuyEast Board and owner of Weiss Movers, for hosting today’s talk:

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