Published On: 04/16/2024
How Are You Recognizing National Intern Day This Year?

National Intern Day is July 25; how are you implementing this appreciation day into your company this year? According to, “America celebrates National Intern Day on the last Thursday in July. This year, it takes place on July 25. Interns have always been an integral part of the American workforce. Interns are often trusted with responsibilities such as filing important documents, making calls, or assisting someone who’s been in the field for a long time — essentially learning the ropes of the business. An intern is typically someone who’s still in college or has recently graduated.” Keep reading to get four ideas on how to recognize National Intern Day this year!

Four Ways to Celebrate National Intern Day in Your Company this July:

Host an Appreciation Event:
Organize a small gathering or a lunch in honor of your interns. Use this to recognize each intern’s contributions to the team formally. Invite other employees to share positive experiences working with the interns, enhancing their sense of belonging and achievement.

Offer Professional Development Opportunities:
Arrange for a workshop or a training session to help interns develop new skills or refine existing ones. Consider topics like effective communication, project management, or industry-specific skills. Offering developmental opportunities benefits the interns and adds value to your organization.

Provide Constructive Feedback and Career Guidance:
Schedule one-on-one meetings with each intern to discuss progress, provide constructive feedback, and offer career advice. This personalized interaction can be impactful, making interns feel valued and invested in their personal growth.

Create a Highlight on Company Channels:
Feature your interns on your company’s social media platforms or internal newsletter. Write about their projects, achievements, and the fresh perspectives they bring to your team. This public acknowledgment can boost their professional confidence and enhance their resumes or portfolios.

Implementing these ideas can make National Intern Day memorable and meaningful for your interns, helping them feel recognized and valued.

Click here to learn more about Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day’s history. If you want to share how your business or team is getting involved, contact and we’ll feature you in our newsletter!

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