Published On: 04/19/2024
Four Ways to Celebrate Professional Speakers Day in Your Company!

Professional Speakers Day is on August 7th this year. This appreciation day is an excellent opportunity to implement public speaking in your company! According to, “This day is an occasion to celebrate all the people who stand up in front of an audience. These people talk about different topics to inform, educate, persuade and encourage people to take action about the things that matter to them. Professional speakers have an enormous impact on the lives of the people who listen to them. Teaching, persuasion, or entertainment — no matter what the goal of the speakers, they all influence the people who hear them talk.” Keep reading to get four ideas on celebrating Professional Speakers Day in your company this August!

Four Ways to Celebrate Professional Speakers Day in Your Company:

Host a Guest Speaker Event:
Organize an event inviting a professional speaker to talk about topics relevant to your industry or personal development. Hosting an event could be a great learning opportunity for your team and a chance to bring fresh perspectives into your organization.

Professional Development Workshops:
Offer workshops or seminars on improving speaking and presentation skills. Workshops can help employees feel more confident and competent when speaking in public or making presentations, enhancing their professional growth.

Recognize Internal Talent:
Use this day to highlight and appreciate the strong communicators within your company. You could organize an internal event where employees share talks on their expertise or experiences, fostering a culture of learning and sharing.

Encourage Online Learning:
Provide resources or subscriptions to online courses focusing on public speaking, effective communication, or related skills. Encouraging your team to engage in continuous learning can benefit their individual career paths and your business as a whole.

Each activity celebrates Professional Speakers Day and contributes to building a more robust, communicative workplace environment.

Click here to learn more about Professional Speakers Day’s history. If you want to share how your business or team is getting involved, contact and we’ll feature you in our newsletter!

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