Published On: 01/11/2024
The Cuyahoga East Chamber of Commerce has a networking and team-building opportunity for you!

How are you balancing business and pleasure in 2024?

It is essential to implement a work-life balance in your routine; according to, “Several statistics show that more than 60 percent of U.S. employees feel like their work-life balance is out of whack.” The CuyEast Chamber wants you to prioritize yourself and your work in this new year, and one helpful way to accomplish this is networking and team building.

Here are three benefits of networking and teaming:

Improved Communication and Morale:
Networking and team building foster better communication among colleagues. When employees communicate effectively, they can work more efficiently, reducing stress and workload. This improved efficiency can translate into a more balanced work-life, as employees can manage their work responsibilities within their working hours more effectively, leaving more time for personal life.

Support Systems:
Networking creates a support system within the workplace. Employees with a network of colleagues they can rely on are more likely to feel supported when facing work challenges. This support can help reduce feelings of isolation and overwhelm, contributing to a healthier work-life balance. It can also lead to collaborative problem-solving, where the burden of work is shared, preventing burnout.

Increased Job Satisfaction:
Team-building activities can create a more positive workplace environment. When employees are satisfied with their work environment and relationships with colleagues, they are generally happier and more engaged. This increased job satisfaction can reduce stress and anxiety, contributing to a healthier work-life balance, as employees feel more fulfilled and less drained by their work life.

The Cuyahoga East Chamber of Commerce has a networking and team-building opportunity for you! Connect, engage, network, and play at this event in the Cuyahoga East Chamber of Commerce’s first-ever Whirlyball Tournament. This fun-filled opportunity is a great chance to meet new people and a fun way to start 2024.

To learn more about this event, click here. We’re looking for eight teams (5 players each) to compete for the championship at this networking event! To get your team registered or started, contact or call 216-867-8456.

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