Published On: 01/12/2024
Learning Series: The Basics of Information Technology

Presented by Michael Gray, TechnologyXperts, Inc.

Michael Gray from TechnologyXperts, Inc. invites you to watch and learn in this multi-part series on Information Technology. Join Michael as he partners with the Chamber in this video to explain what it is, how to prepare your business for devastating losses, and how to protect it from Cyber Threats.

Who Should Watch:
Business Professionals seeking to improve efficiency and leverage technology to achieve business growth.
IT Professionals and Students who want to keep up with the latest technologies and trends.
Entrepreneurs and Start-up Owners looking to develop tech strategies, understand market trends, and make tech-savvy decisions.
Educators and trainers looking to stay updated with technological advancements and incorporate this knowledge into their teaching methodologies.

🔗Video Series Links:

Information Technology Basics Part 1: Choosing the Right IT Infrastructure
Information Technology Basics Part 2: Effective Network Design
Information Technology Basics Part 3: Understanding Cloud Computing
Information Technology Basics Part 4: Backup and Disaster Recovery
Information Technology Basics Part 5: Cybersecurity Basics
Information Technology Basics Part 6: Securing Remote Work
Information Technology Basics Part 7: IT Budget Planning
Information Technology Basics Part 8: Software Updates & Patch Management
Information Technology Basics Part 9: Optimizing Server Performance
Information Technology Basics Part 10: Telecommunications Solutions

Special Thanks to Michael Gray, TechnologyXperts, Inc.

About TechnologyXperts, Inc.:

TechnologyXperts, Inc. (TXI) is a national organization that provides IT support, maintenance, and security services to businesses. TXI’s goal is to manage and monitor our customer’s IT systems and infrastructure to ensure they are secure, reliable, and efficient.

Are you interested in creating videos for our Learning Series?

If you’re a business expert willing to join us in creating co-branded educational content for the Chamber’s audience, the Chamber will cover the cost of the production. For more information, email

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