Published On: 02/03/2023
Crafting a Customer Survey that will Grow Your Business

Gaining a deeper understanding of what your consumers want from your business could be the key to a lifetime of success. When your business has a better view of customer needs, wants, and desires, it can be more specific with its deliverables to achieve a more loyal and consistent audience. This can lead to more revenue and heightened awareness that will draw new consumers to your business.

Using surveys to reach business goals

There’s more to survey data than just understanding your target audience. Pipeline says:

  • Surveys help gather product feedback. These insights are valuable when it comes to updating current products and creating new ones. Pipeline also says it’s not difficult to gather product feedback from consumers. A recent study shows 74% of consumers are inclined to provide specific product feedback.
  • Surveys help to gauge your brand’s influence in the market. How your brand is perceived by consumers and others can be highlighted from survey results. The data can help your business improve its brand reputation, as well as its overall brand strategy.
  • Surveys help gather content feedback. Pipeline mentions the content that once interested your audience will evolve over time, so you may need to change your business’ game plan to stick to relevant topics. 

[Read more from Pipeline here…]

How to survey your consumers

There are several different types of surveys you can use to obtain a variety of data results about your business and its services or products. The U.S. Chamber identifies the a few:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys measure how likely your business will retain consumers and grow with new consumers.
  • User experience surveys measure how easy it is for consumers to use your products and services.
  • Research and development surveys, sometimes called concept testing, allow a business to gather information on consumer needs and gauge interest in potential new products or services.

There are steps to take to ensure your customer survey is successful and delivers the data you seek. The U.S. Chamber says to:

  • Ensure you define a goal for your survey.
  • Design the survey with a variety of question types, including open-ended questions, yes or no questions, and scaled answers.
  • Promote your survey through email marketing and social media to prepare your target audience and increase completion rates.

[Read more from the U.S. Chamber here…]

Using survey data to make business decisions

After collecting data from your consumer surveys, what can you do with it? This is where you can identify how to heighten excitement around your brand, gain insight into what products or services should be launched first, and use the information to better cater to your consumers.

Here are a few business decisions Think with Google says you can make with ease thanks to consumer survey results:

  • Use the content or creative assets that resonate best with the target audience. 
  • Spot trends amongst your audience and integrate them into your business model.
  • Leverage your enhanced understanding of different customer groups to offer a fresh variety of products or services.
  • Have better insight into how consumers view the competition.

[Read more from Think with Google here…]

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