Published On: 06/08/2022
How to find local business resources you can really trust.

Get help from the CuyEast Chamber to make valuable business connections with other members and member resources.

Sometimes you just need a good recommendation. The task of finding reliable, local business resources can be eased by finding an outlet that can match you with the provider you need.

Small business owners are often looking for assistance with some aspect of a brick-and-mortar or online business. Whether you need a plumber or an IT guru, a business matchmaking service has the potential to help you find what you need a lot quicker than Google.

What can B2B match-ups do for your business?

Business match-ups can go further than just trading services or a one-off connection. To get the most out of a match-up, consider if there are any next steps you can take to turn the connection into a stronger relationship. Verizon says:

  • Creative partnerships can inspire new ideas for both businesses.

  • Grow your network of entrepreneurs and longtime business owners.

  • Learn new skills and discover interesting stories.

  • Save money by helping each other with donations, discounts, or special deals.

  • Work together to reach a wider audience and increase revenue.

  • Use each other as sounding boards to work through problems.

  • Lean on each other to boost customer recognition and awareness.

Match-ups are a genuine opportunity to support other local entrepreneurs. USA Today says small businesses working together can evolve into a mutually uplifting experience. The support small businesses can offer to each other helps them grow their businesses, make new connections, increase their positive influence, and provides a platform for entrepreneurs to share their experiences.

A good match-up experience can be followed up with free promotion on social media platforms, positive online reviews, and referrals. All of these ideas can generate better and more business for both entities, as well as create a great new relationship that can lead to future prosperity.

How can you find a B2B matchmaking resource?

One of the best ways to find other businesses to connect with is through local business groups. Joining your local chamber of commerce or another business-growth-focused organization are both viable options for helping you find a service or product provider. Sometimes there is a business match-up program in place, or just being a part of the membership can offer you plenty of opportunities to make the right connection. When you find a match through a local business group, you can feel more assured that the business you’re matched with is verified and a trusted source.

CuyEast Chamber is ready to help you match up with another member and solidify your next business connection. If you need a product or service, or if you’re just looking for business advice, we can help you find the right resource to satisfy your needs.

Fill out this simple form to get started and match with another CuyEast Chamber member today.

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