Published On: 06/08/2022
Why commit to volunteer leadership?

To grow your business and increase its positive influence, taking on a leadership role with a small business group can help you reach your goal. Leading volunteer committees, participating in business councils, joining advisory groups, and volunteering as a board director are all ways you can bring awareness to your business and offer input for the betterment of the business community.

What are the benefits of taking on a leadership role with a small business group?

Taking on a leadership role within your business community can put you in front of crucial issues and give you the chance to offer your own opinion on solutions. According to Forbes, executives who serve on nonprofit boards are 78% more likely to listen carefully to different views and 63% more likely to create inclusive teams. These are great qualities to instill in an individual that wants to head initiatives supported by diverse committees.

What kinds of groups offer support and leadership opportunities for local small businesses?

There are local groups that make it their mission to connect small businesses to one another so they can help promote and enhance their local business environment. These groups include local chambers of commerce, rotary clubs, young entrepreneur groups, small business incubators, and more.

Here is a brief list of different leadership positions that employers and employees can apply for with local business groups:

  • Board of Directors: According to Boardable, boards ensure that an organization follows its mission and values, and maintains stable operations. Boards elect chairmen, vice chairs, secretaries, treasurers, and general directors.

  • Business Council: Chron says a business council is a group of individuals that discuss the business needs within their community. They collaborate to find solutions to issues that impact them all as a group.

  • Mentorship Program: Small businesses can offer a representative to mentor a newer small business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur. It can help bring more businesses into the area and build stronger business relationships.

  • Committees: Local groups have a number of committees to join that offer leaders the chance to share their expertise and ideas to grow businesses in the area. Committees can cover a number of topics including human resources, economic development, community engagement, and more. Read more from Forbes.


What leadership opportunities are available with CuyEast Chamber? Ambitious, enthusiastic professionals can start on the ground floor with the Chamber and help us build connections with businesses across Eastern Cuyahoga County.

You can get the most out of your CuyEast Chamber membership by volunteering for a leadership position. There are several opportunities including serving on committees, business councils, advisory councils, or the board of directors. It’s a great way to give back to the community and grow your business.

Let us know what CuyEast Chamber volunteer leadership roles peak your interest. Complete this simple form and we’ll get back to you with more details.

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