Published On: 07/12/2022
Recognizing Nonprofits and Charities Can Enhance Partnerships and Boost Your Business
How Showing Support for Local Community Organizations Can Give Your Business a Positive Boost

How partnerships with local community nonprofit and charity organizations can increase your business’ influence and sales.

National Nonprofit Day is approaching next Wednesday, August 17. Has your business made any beneficial partnerships with a local nonprofit? Have your employees spent time working alongside volunteers? Has your business gained more customers or influence thanks to a collaboration with a charity organization? If you said yes to any of these questions, you should make plans to recognize the positive efforts made by those organizations.

According to National Today, nonprofits are major consumers of goods and services that directly create employment opportunities and benefit local small businesses. Nonprofits are a benefit to the economy because they need products big and small, from large pieces of equipment to food and utilities. Any business could benefit from a collaboration with a local nonprofit or charity organization.

Why Should A Business Observe National Nonprofit Day?

If you want to show your support for local nonprofits, and attract some attention to your own business, there are several routes you can take. Nonprofit Megaphone shared these tips on how you can help a corporate partner understand how collaborating with a nonprofit can be beneficial in increasing the business’ bottom line:

  • Sales increase with newly engaged audiences linked to the nonprofits and charities your business supports.

  • Businesses retain more customers that are impressed by a commitment to positive values and supporting local initiatives.

  • A business aligned with a nonprofit helping the local community stands out as a positive influence, increasing the chances of more customers taking interest in the company and its products or services.

Customers expect businesses to be socially responsible, and they are more drawn to companies that advocate for issues they care about on a deeper level. Businesses can improve their public perception, foster a healthier work culture, and can kick-start partnerships the community can be passionate about as well.

[Read the full article from Nonprofit Megaphone here.]

How to Use Cause Marketing to Your Business’ Advantage

Here’s how you can show your support this year for your top nonprofit or charity. Cause marketing, as reported by Personify, is a partnership between a nonprofit and a business that is mutually beneficial. A business can promote its products by sending a portion of the proceeds to a local nonprofit or charity. It demonstrates social responsibility and can generate positive influence for both the business and the nonprofit organization.

Here’s what Personify says are the main benefits of cause marketing for a for-profit:

  • It has a positive enhancement on the company’s public image.

  • Customers will have an increased level of trust and loyalty to the company.

  • Customers will be more interested in purchasing the company’s products because they are linked to supporting a worthy cause.

  • The business can access the nonprofit’s audience as well, increasing the company’s chances of generating positive brand awareness and gaining additional clientele.

[Read more from Personify here.]

How will you show your support for local nonprofits and charity organizations next Wednesday? Visit us on Facebook and LinkedIn and tell us about your favorite organizations, share business tips, and let our audience know how you like to give back to your community.

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