Published On: 11/02/2023
How are you celebrating Small Business Saturday?

Small Businesses need our support now more than ever!

Small Business Saturday was founded in 2010 by American Express and is coming up on November 25, 2023. Small Business Saturday is a day to celebrate local small businesses in all that they do for us and our communities. Since the pandemic and the many pivots small companies have taken to survive, now is the time to support small businesses more than ever!

Here are three things you can do to support your local small business this year:

1. Shop local
Visit local retailers and boutiques instead of large chain stores. Purchasing from local artisans, farmers’ markets, and local shops helps to keep money within your community and supports the livelihood of small business owners.

2. Spread the word
You can use your social media platforms to promote Small Business Saturday and share your favorite local spots with your network. You can create posts highlighting your favorite products and services or even post a shout-out to your go-to small businesses. Remember to use hashtags like #ShopSmall and #SmallBusinessSaturday to increase reach.

3. Leave Reviews
Positive reviews can significantly impact a small business. Take the time to write thoughtful, positive thoughts for small businesses you visit on platforms like Google, Yelp, or TripAdvisor. This can boost their visibility and reputation, potentially drawing in new customers.

How is your business celebrating Small Business Saturday? Let us know, and we’ll pass it on!

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