Published On: 06/08/2022
Volunteering in a business organization pays off. Heres why.

Small business owners are often encouraged to give back to the community, and that can involve more than making a donation or volunteering for an organization. What entrepreneurs may not know is that joining a small business group is a great way to give back, and it can go beyond just doing a good deed.

Organizations such as local chambers of commerce, rotary clubs, and other small business groups offer several volunteer opportunities. If a small business owner or team wants to get more involved, joining one of these groups can provide them with a new leadership role, fresh connections, and potential references for future collaborations.

Read this article from Isureon for more national small business groups your company can volunteer with or join.

How can companies volunteer with small business groups?

By donating time and talent, small businesses can join any of these local groups and contribute to their mission. For example, the nonprofit SCORE offers similar volunteer opportunities as local chambers of commerce, including:

  • Opportunities to join leadership committees and special councils.

  • Chances to volunteer at special events or on special projects.

  • Offers to host presentations about topics related to your industry.

  • Venues to share your ideas openly and contribute input for local business growth.

  • Resources to provide exclusive discounts to members.

How do small businesses benefit from volunteering with these groups?

Forbes says taking on a leadership role, donating your time, offering your talent, or becoming a sponsor for a local small business group can provide a significant enhancement to your company’s growth and influence:

  • Volunteering can help you reach an important group of consumers for your brand.

  • Sponsorships can help spread the word about your organization, and it can raise awareness for both brands, as well as build stronger relationships.

  • Offering your time to help out lets others know you are willing, eager, and may have good ideas for growing local economy

Read the full article from Forbes here.

The Benefits of Employee Engagement

Anyone from your team can step forward to take on a leadership role with a small business group like a chamber of commerce. Giving another team member an opportunity to develop themselves professionally is another way to give back and can help a small business’ bottom line. Hubspot says 93% of employees who take part in company-sponsored volunteer work are happier with their employers and are more then 80% less likely to resign.

Fast Capital 360 says these are some of the key benefits for employees when their company gives back:

  • Presents opportunities to take on leadership roles and develop their professional skillset.

  • Enhances workers’ mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Improves team morale and collaboration efforts.

  • Builds stronger relationships across the company.

Looking for a volunteer opportunity? With the launch of Cuyahoga Eastern Chamber of Commerce, we’re looking for enthusiastic professionals ready to get in on the ground floor and help us spread the word about our organization.

Maximize your Chamber membership by volunteering. There are several pathways to leadership and volunteer opportunities within the Chamber including serving on committees, business councils, advisory councils, or the board of directors. It’s a great way to give back to the community and grow your business.

Click here to learn more and sign up for CuyEast Chamber Leadership & Volunteer Opportunities.

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