Published On: 06/08/2022
Here’s why meet-ups are beneficial for business and personal growth.

Innovate, collaborate, or simply network in like-minded groups. We’ll assist you in the process!

Joining a meet-up group is a way for you to develop your skills and expand your network. By finding a group of like-minded individuals to have regular gatherings with, you can create strong relationships that benefit you personally and professionally.

An article on LinkedIn says meet-up groups come in all shapes and sizes, and can cover almost any topic. There are meet-up groups for personal interests such as book clubs or social sports groups, and there are meet-up groups for professional interests such as business networking or round-table discussions.

What is it about meet-up groups that can be fulfilling? LinkedIn says:

  • Meet-up groups offer a sense of community and connection. From a business perspective, you can spread awareness about your offerings when you make new connections with people interested in your industry. It’s also just a good way to find people who can offer support or a listening ear, just because. Surrounding yourself with positive influences can also help your business, keeping you motivated and inspired.

  • There are more opportunities to discover your creative side when you join a meet-up group. Being with other like-minded people can encourage you to think outside the box and discover a new method that can help you boost business. It can also give you new ideas on how to connect with other people. If you’re starting your own group, you’ll have to think of ways to recruit members, and in turn, it could give you ideas on how to recruit new customers.

  • There’s a chance you’ll feel more motivated about the things you’re passionate about through a meet-up group. The conversations you participate in and the activities you enjoy together can remind you of why you got into the industry you’re in, and why it inspires you to do good work. Redefining the purpose behind your work can make it more meaningful, inspiring you to put more effort into your business’ success. Maybe you’ll even find a better way to connect your passion to your products and services.

How can you find a meet-up group to join? Whether you’re looking for something in-person or virtual, there are plenty of online resources that can help you find what you’re looking for in a meet-up group. You can also start a group of your own, and here are a few tips on how to do that from GroupApp:

  • Determine the niche: Choose something you’re passionate about and do a little research on other meet-up groups out there that could be similar. You can pull ideas from there.

  • Choose topics and define the purpose: You can start this process on your own or you can recruit a few members and work on this together to draw more people to your group. Decide on what topics will be discussed and why. That will also give you a good foundation for group expectations.

  • Set a date, time, and find a venue: At this point, you’ve become an event host. If it gets overwhelming, invite another member or friend to help you put together the first few meetings. For future events, you can also ask others to be the host so the leadership role switches up for each meeting. If your group is business-related, recruit co-workers to help out and set up a booth to share more information about your organization.

  • Promote the group and recruit: Start with your current network, and then branch out. If you are open to anyone with similar interests joining the group, create a social media post that others can share. You can also create groups or events online that can draw more potential members.

  • Set a goal: Starting a meet-up group and maintaining it can take time, but that’s why you defined the “why” early on. If the group was created to help boost business, generate leads, or be a center for thought leadership, make sure everyone in the group knows that. Keep the goal at the top of the agenda, remind your group of it often to help them stay on track, and include your mission in your social media.

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