Published On: 02/21/2023
The 5G and AI combination is transforming businesses

What is 5G, how does it combine with AI, and how can it help to grow a business? The newer wireless technology is helping businesses change the way they communicate, collect data, store data, and more. In 2023, the focus on 5G alone has shifted to the great benefits of 5G combined with artificial intelligence. 

Mondo says an ABI Research study showed that 5G tech can increase the productivity of emerging technologies 10 times more than 4G connections. 5G connectivity has become a critical component in the mass adoption of AR and VR technology as well.

How is 5G technology impacting businesses today? Mondo says:

  • There are now more Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices available with 5G connectivity. This can enhance infrastructure diagnosis systems and provide better data insights for businesses. 
  • Multiple virtual networks can be created with just one physical 5G system. This method, known as network slicing, helps businesses provide an end-to-end virtual system that includes networking, computing, and storage functions. 
  • 5G can help decongest a clogged network. It is built on a cloud-based networking infrastructure that can also increase site performance.

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Creating a Connected Global Business with 5G and AI

Verizon says the combination of 5G and AI is essential for these transformative times. 5G’s faster speeds, lower latency, and greater capacity offer support for more devices than ever before. 5G is helping almost any device turn into a wireless data collector, and AI is helping businesses cut down on repetitive tasks. Verizon shares these benefits for businesses combining 5G and AI:

  • The combination of the two technologies can provide more data collection, better business intelligence and analysis, increase in revenues, and develop better wireless floor robots. 
  • Both technologies can help retailers connect their shop floors digitally, gather data important data, and improve the customer shopping experience. Together, 5G and AI have introduced more holographics and virtual reality options for retailers. More customers are demanding hyper-personalized services, and this combination can help businesses deliver. 
  • Security threats can be better managed with 5G’s speed and AI’s ability to automatically detect issues. This can decrease the level of hacking into your site or app, and can be a big assistance instead of relying on human interference alone.

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What’s next for 5G and AI?

The dynamic duo of 5G and AI will move forward to help businesses solve complex wireless problems and cater to upcoming trends. Entrepreneur says the combination can enhance performance levels and efficiences. 

  • They can check for defects with products that are in pre or post-production. This can help businesses ensure items are customer ready when they hit the shelves, whether at a physical location or online. 
  • They can increase the speed of integrating other technologies with your current systems. 5G will keep you connected on multiple devices that help your businesses, including card scanners, money applications, and more.  
  • Conversational AI, like ChatGPT, is a new trend that is revolutionizing how businesses provide better customer service and customer satisfaction. 

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